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  • 12 Business Lessons I learned at Sage Summit 2015

    Sage Summit 2015 Lessons

    As a Sage Business Expert I was recently invited to attend the Sage Summit 2015 in New Orleans. This annual event is a brilliant opportunity to learn, network and connect with other businesses. Not only does it focus on growing one’s business, for me, it was the perfect chance to sharpen my saw and renew myself for the next phase of our company’s development.

    The event consisted of a series of keynotes, seminars and booths that offered a range of experiences throughout the show which looked unlike any trade show I have ever visited before. The scale and scope of it was epic. The central hall layout had a huge circle in the middle laid with plush thick carpet, from which radiated several buzzing seminar theatres each one called things like Profit, Grow, Lead, Differentiate, Customer, etc. The design of the space meant that it buzzed with excitement as one wandered from session to session. It really was inspiring.

    I thought I’d share some of my highlights from my week there with you:

    Sage Summit 20151. When you taste success, spit it out

    On the first morning I ran into business and social media expert, Thomas Power. In the first of several interesting discussions with Thomas at the conference, he mentioned that if you ever taste success, you should spit it out. In other words, don’t spend too long revelling in the taste of it. Whilst it’s important to celebrate success, it’s even more important to to keep moving and not to sit on one’s laurels. It’s this kind of complacency that leads to executives patting each other on the back as they inadvertently walk off a cliff.

    2. Zero moment of truth 

    Marketers have been using a three step mental model of marketing for a long time. 1) Stimulus - producing an advert 2) Shelf - stores focusing on point of sale; historically known as the first moment of truth 3) The Experience - of the product at home. Consumers have a good experience or bad one and they share it. This is also known as the second moment of truth.

    Google investigated where influence now takes place as shoppers move from undecided to decided. The average shopper in 2011 used 10.4 sources of information up from 5.3 in 2010. What surfaced was a fourth step called the zero moment of truth. This is where shoppers do research, read reviews, price compare and talk with friends to inform their decision making before going to the shelf. Marketers who can keep on top of all four steps have an advantage in the marketplace.

    3. Websites are essential 

    When I asked a panel of marketing experts how independent retailers could compete with the online world their answers were a stark reminder that the world is changing and those not changing with it will be left behind. “Any retailer without a website is dead in the water,” was one candid response.

    The good news is those retailers that have unique identifiers and do it well will stand out from the crowd and survive. Their general consensus also was that blogs drive traffic like nothing else. So if you don’t have a good blog, perhaps it’s time to start thinking about one.

    4. Personal Stories Rule

    Millennials are often tasked with sourcing suppliers and they use social media tools to influence their decisions. The stories and social media posts that get the most likes are the personal ones. People want to see that brands are human. Include pictures of staff birthdays on your company profiles. Even though your customers might not all be on social media, you can bet their kids are. If you build authentic connections with them, they will send their parents to your business.

    5. Creating a club

    In discussing changes in retail one evening VP of Marketing at Sage, Sophie Leguillette, told me the story of she once noticed retail store Anthropologie offering a 20% off voucher to anyone joining their Anthro Loyalty Program in store. She asked the staff if there was any incentive for selling the membership to which ‘no’ was the reply.

    Instead the assistant raved about useful benefits, like how the program kept records of your receipts for you so you didn’t have to keep hold of them in case of returning items. There were also special offers, advance notice of promotions, etc. Well trained staff offering a club to which loyal customers can belong is a great incentive for encouraging repeat business.

    6. Competing with Amazon  

    At a session on e-commerce I asked the retail experts how independent retailers could compete with the online commerce giants like Amazon. The reply was to focus on value added premium options like engraving, customisation and improved packaging. They also agreed that retailers need websites and when set up there should be sufficient marketing resource allocated to the website to make sure that it is found.

    7. Talk Different

    If you look at your five main competitors you will often find that the language they use is often very similar to each other and to your own. If you want to stand out from the crowd and win business, then the way you talk about your business and how you engage with customers must be different. Take a look at how you communicate and explore new creative ideas for changing how you behave.

    8. Nobody likes to be sold

    Everybody likes to buy and yet nobody likes to be sold. These days there is a huge amount of competition for attention in the marketplace, both online and offline. Shoppers now find things at the time and place of their choosing. 68% of the buying decision is now made before purchasing. If you want to be the place consumers choose to purchase these things then you need to spend time building yourself as the expert in such products. Rather than selling the products, sell your story and message. Make sure it’s written down and you have a strategy for how to do this so that your whole team is on board.

    9. Small is the new big

    Keynote speaker Chad Hurley, co-founder of YouTube, wisely pointed out that great businesses start from improving one small thing. For Chad it was making it easy for him and his friends to post videos online. Many people look at YouTube, which he sold for $1.6 billion (and which now is estimated to be worth over $40 billion), and think it’s all about the big idea. It’s from the little solutions that successful businesses and products emerge.

    10. Create Great Content

    If you are going to market your business online you must focus on great content and stop focussing on selling. Nobody wants to be sold to. It’s all about placing the products you are offering in a context that is relevant and meaningful to your followers. Be supportive of your tribe. Be a giver not a taker. Be helpful and create the type of content that people want to share because it has value in their world.

    11. Feedback Loops

    One of my favourite keynote quotes from the whole week was from American designer and thought leader, William A. McDonough, who observed during one keynote session that a system without a feedback loop is, by definition, stupid.

    So, if you are making or selling anything, you need to design in feedback from your customers. You’ll also need feedback loops within your business so that your team don’t keep making the same mistakes. It’s worth having feedback loops with your suppliers too, so that the supply chain runs smoothly. Note to self: design more feedback loops into our business.

    12. The Secret to Social is Engagement

    We are all guilty of counting our followers or subscribers on social media. The real power of social media is the same as that in the rest of our social lives. It's in engagement. What are you doing to interact with your friends on social? Are you sharing, helping and caring? Blasting out ads and shouting our wares is fine at a market but not in a regular social life.

    The week was an incredible experience and I loved every minute of it. Thomas Power even coached me through a personal development exercise called the core process, which was the final sharpening of my saw before I left New Orleans and headed home.

    I met new friends, learned new things and returned to the UK feeling refreshed and renewed for our business. If you get the chance to go on seminars like this, jump at them. It’s a great way to spend time working on your business rather than in it.

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  • 3 Great reasons to visit Autumn Fair

    3 Reasons to Visit Autumn Fair

    Autumn Fair opens it's doors on Sunday 6th September at 09:00 and runs until 16:00 on Wednesday 9th September at the NEC in Birmingham. It is the season's number one home and gift trade show event with over 29,000 visitors.

    Here are three great reasons why you should visit Autumn Fair:

    1. Great Range of Products

    There are thousands of amazing products from 1,400 exhibitors across thirteen carefully edited show sectors. As the world's biggest selection of British designed products there are over 450 new brands exhibiting, so it's a great chance to find some gems for your shop.

    Click here to see which greeting card publishers are at Autumn Fair

    2. It's Convenient

    Geographically it's easy to get to by train, plane or car and easy to park at. It's well timed with the chance to pick up last minute items for Christmas and get a sense of forthcoming trends for 2016. It's also all under one roof so you won't get wet between halls and don't have to visit multiple shows.

    Read the essential info you need for this Autumn Fair 2015

    3. Admission is Free!

    As long as you pre-register for Autumn Fair, admission is free to visitors. Entry on the door is £30.

    Click here to pre-register for Autumn Fair

    Do remember to come and say hi if you visit.

    Blue Eyed Sun are in Hall 4 on Stand 4D03 near the front

    5 Great restaurants near the NEC

    Click here to order Blue Eyed Sun cards online

  • Fathers Day cards 2016 from Blue Eyed Sun

    In the Frame

    Father's Day 2016 falls on the Sunday 19th June 2016 and Blue Eyed Sun have some gorgeous new Fathers Day cards available to choose from, so it's time for retailers to start thinking about putting their Spring orders together including Mothers Day cards, and Valentines cards. Here's what's new for Father's Day 2016...

    Knit Wit for Fathers DayPictured above is our new In the frame range. Litho printed on beautiful board and embossed, these beautiful Fathers Day cards are 160mm x 160mm.

    To the right is our bright new Knit Wit range taken from original hand knitted artworks. They are 125 x 174mm in size. Knit Wit are also available in  Valentines and Mothers Day.

    Below is a classy new range called Cheers! on gorgeous art board and hand finished with jewels. These beautiful Fathers Day cards are 160mm x 160mm.

    Sold in sixes to trade buyers only, all of our Fathers Day cards are blank inside, barcoded and cello-wrapped with an envelope. All are printed on lovely thick board from sustainable sources. Retailers can order online from the trade only section of our site.

    To stock these ranges in your shop click here. If you'd like to see them in your local shop please tell them and point them in the direction of or you can recommend a shop to us by clicking here. You can also visit our stockists page to find a store near you that may be selling them.

    See these Fathers Day cards in person at Autumn Fair 2015 - Stand 4D03

    Click here to see our 2016 Valentine designs

    See our 2016 Mothers Day designs


  • Autumn Fair International 2015 - The Essential Information

    Autumn Fair 2015 - Essential InfoBlue Eyed Sun will soon be exhibiting at the Autumn Fair trade show in Hall 4 at the National Exhibition Centre (see show map below). Officially launching at this well loved trade show are over 100 new Spring 2016 designs including our latest ValentinesMother's Day and Fathers Day cards. All of our best selling greetings cards, including new PincushionImpressed and Enchantment designs will also be on display so be sure to stop by and see us.

    Quote Voucher code AFB15 when ordering during the show (online or offline) for FREE CARRIAGE.

    About Autumn Fair International

    Autumn Fair runs for four days from Sunday 6th September to Wednesday 9th September from 09:00 - 18:00 at the NEC in Birmingham. It brings toether an inspirational showcase of over 1,400 British and International Exhibitors and attracts buyers from all over the world. It's a great opportunity to stock up on goods for that all important Christmas season and to see what's new for Spring seasons next year.

    To register for Autumn Fair International 2015 please click here

    Where to Stay at Autumn fair International

    Accommodation is a lot easier to find at Autumn Fair than Spring Fair and prices tend to be cheaper too. There are now several hotels on the NEC site, including Holiday Inn ExpressThe Hilton MetropoleThe ArdenRamada Encore and a Premier InnClick here for more accommodation options at Autumn Fair.

    Where to Eat at Autumn Fair

    Check out our 5 Great Restaurants near the NEC Birmingham blog post.

    How to get to Autumn Fair

    Travel to the show is easy with excellent rail and motorway links. The NEC post code is B40 1NT (if you use a sat nav). You can park for free in several car parks on site, all of which have free shuttle buses to take you around the complex. Birmingham International Rail Station is a 5 minute walk from the show as is Birmingham International Airport. It is an 80 minute train ride from London Euston Rail Station. You can also click on the map below to plan your journey.

    Download the app for Autumn Fair here

    When you get to Birmingham do remember to come and see us in the new Hall 4 on Stand 4D03.

    Can't make the show? Click here to request access all of our designs online.

    Autumn Fair 2014 Floor Plan

    View Larger Map

  • 9 tips for Social Selling using Social Media

    Tips For Social Selling

    I was recently lucky enough to be invited to New Orleans to take part in the Sage Summit 2015, which included a huge variety of amazing and inspiring speakers on a whole range of subjects including social media and, in particular, social selling.

    Here are nine things I learnt about social selling on this trip: 

    1. Engagement is Key

    So many businesses use social media like a megaphone blaring out sales offers and suggesting products for people to buy that it can all feel like one big advert. Don’t do this. Social media is conversation made digital. Use these powerful tools to engage with like minded people who share similar interests. Talk with them. Grow with them. Have fun. Don’t be that guy at the party that’s all sell, sell, sell.

    2. Social Selling

    So… if you don’t sell using these social media channels, what is social selling? We all like to make up our own minds about what we want to buy don’t we? Everybody likes to buy and nobody likes to be sold. Social sellers understand this and never sell directly. Marketing on social media is more subtle and engaged with customers. You have to offer useful or funny content that helps people online and then fit your products into this. Social Sellers tend to offer content that leads to the product, not from the product.

    3. Buying is changing

    In business to consumer (B2C) buying 72% of the purchase decision is now made before the customer arrives at your store (57% in business to business or b2b). They will have seen your products on the internet, asked friends or used social media to actively evaluate price, value and best place to buy. Such customers are often in a state of anticipation looking forward to their purchase. You can help them enjoy their purchase with reassurance on price, quality and service. 

    4. Authenticity Matters

    People buy from people. It’s important that the voice you use online is authentic and real. People want a relationship with brands and companies. They don’t want to feel like they are just another dollar in the company’s coffers. They want to be nurtured, appreciated and cared for. The rewards for companies that do this well are great as social media users are statistically more likely to share their good experience, recommend you to friends and return to shop again.

    5. Be Good

    Try to avoid doing anything that people will hate you for. If you do this by mistake, acknowledge the mistake, apologise and move on. You don’t need to perfect or even outstanding all the time. You just need to be good and avoid being bad. People don’t return to bad restaurants. They will return to an okay or good restaurant. To be successful at this you need to have good feedback loops from your customers to your business so you know when things have gone wrong and can deal with them quickly.

    6. Ignore Trolls

    The internet is full of trolls. Trolls are different from a customer that has a genuine grievance and is angry, you must attend to these and turn their experience around so that they become fans. Trolls who just hurl abuse should be left alone. Ignore them and focus on your customers and fans instead. Filter the noise and don’t rise to any baiting.

    7. Being a Fan

    You must be your own fan of what you do. Social media is so much easier when you love what you do. It follows that you’ll then be authentic and passionate about your subject area and be able to share this with engaged followers. 

    8. Image is everything

    Create and curate beautiful images of your products and share them on your social channels. Instagram and Pinterest are very good for this. You can even create short videos using the images and post them to YouTube or Vine. A picture speaks a thousand words and great images are easy for your fans to share.

    9. Sharing is caring

    Writing great blogs, posting gorgeous pics and making useful videos all take time and effort by content creators. If you see anything good on the internet share it on your social channels. It’s a quick and easy way to say thanks to the author that adds real value to them and costs you very little. Following, subscribing and sharing what you like online will also improve your understanding of engagement on social media.

    So… if you like what you’ve read please do share it using the sharing tools above and tell me what you think on social media.

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  • Mothers Day cards 2016 from Blue Eyed Sun

    BeautyKnit WitWith Mothering Sunday on Sunday 6th March 2016, it's time for retailers to start thinking about getting their Mothers Day cards and Valentines cards ordered before Christmas. We have four wonderful new ranges for Mothers Day 2016...

    Pictured above is Beauty, a new Mothers Day range based on original watercolour paintings by Jo Corner. These delightful cards are 160mm square and hand finished with jewels.

    ImpressedTo the right are the Mother's Day designs in our new Knit Wit range. Based on original hand knitted artworks these cards are 125mm x 174mm. Knit Wit are also available in Valentines.

    Our third beautiful new Mothers Day range is called Impressed and is made with love and clay in the UK. These delicate cards are 94mm x 130mm and printed on luxurious watercolour board. Impressed are also available in Valentines and Everyday.

    Pictured at the bottom of this post are the Mothers Day cards in our best selling Pincushion everyday range, based on original hand stitched artworks. Pincushion are also available in Valentines.

    Sold in sixes to trade buyers only, all of our Mothers Day cards are blank inside, barcoded and cello-wrapped with a matching envelope. All Blue Eyed Sun Mothers Day cards are printed on beautiful thick boards from sustainable managed sources. Retailers can order online from our  large selection of designs in the trade only section of our site.

    To stock these ranges in your shop click here. If you'd like to see them in your local shop please tell them and point them in the direction of or you can recommend a shop to us by clicking here. You can also visit our stockists page to find a store near you that may be selling them.

    See our cards in person at Autumn Fair - Stand 4D03

    Click here to see our 2016 Valentine designs

    Scientists prove that cards are good for your Mother

    Take a look at our new Father's Day designs for 2016


  • 10 ways yoga can improve your business

    Ways Yoga Can Improve Business

    I have always thought of Yoga as a bit of a girly activity and have steered clear of it for many years. I like my sports to be gruelling and manly and love nothing more than spending a few hours running up hills and down valleys of the South Downs Way on a weekend.       


    This September I am taking part in a challenge with the team at Sage Software to #BeatTheSEO at this year’s Great North Run. Determined to avoid injuries in training I have had to concede that my body needs more flexibility. Despite my reservations, Yoga seemed like the obvious supplement to my running and to make it more ‘manly’ I joined a hot yoga class in Brighton.


    Dynamic Hot Yoga is an energetic form of Hatha Yoga practiced in a room at 105 degree heat and is based on powerful deep breathing. The heat allows the muscles, ligaments and joints to open without injury and the cardiovascular nature of the class helps to burn fat and develop muscle tone.


    It's also helped me to see my business in a new light. Here are some of ten ways yoga can improve your business:


    1. Discipline

    In order to practice a discipline well one needs to be disciplined in one’s practice. Yoga has helped me to be consistent in my approach to my training and business. I run every other day and alternate running days with yoga days. Similarly, if you want to grow your business you need to be disciplined in working on your business and not just in it. I’m not talking about the daily things that need doing. You need to be taking daily action towards your business goals, so figure out what these are and schedule time in for you to take regular steps towards them.


    2. Focus

    Whatever you focus on you’ll feel. For example, if you focus on how bad life is for you then you’ll feel depressed. Similarly, if you focus on looking after your body then it will improve. Improving your posture and breathing has an effect on how you hold yourself and in turn on how you energised you feel. Focussing on flexibility as well as strength, through yoga, has helped reduce the aches and pains from my running. It’s helping to keep injuries in check and prevent others from happening. What are you focussing on in business at the moment? Are you focusing on where you want to go or are you reacting to (or dwelling on) situations?


    3. Stretch your comfort zone

    It’s so easy to keep doing what we know. And yet, if we keep doing the same things, what results are we going to get? That’s right. The same results. Signing up for a yoga class or some business coaching is the beginning of a series of steps that will push you to develop and grow. It’s not always easy, but that’s kind of the point. It’s the journey that makes you grow. So if you are feeling stuck in a rut, or not getting where you want to be, then step out of your comfort zone and try something new.


    4. Meaning

    Whilst yoga is a physical practice it also has profound spiritual connections with the world at large. Most of us spend a lot of our time in our heads and neglect our bodies. The deep breathing, spine stretching and meditation that occurs during class reconnects me with myself and everyone else on the planet. It brings balance and meaning to my life. A space where I can just be. How often do we create these moments in our business? How often do you give unhelpful meanings to things in your life? Is there a better way?


    5. Patience

    Some of the postures in my yoga class seem impossible to me at the moment and I genuinely can’t imagine ever being able to do them. Our instructor often points out that some of these moves took him between one and three years of practice to be able to accomplish. This reassurance helps me to see that discipline and focus combined with patience will get me to where I want to go. It’s the same with our business. I never could have imagined that Blue Eyed Sun would sell as many handmade cards per year as we do. We patiently concentrated on producing lovely cards year after year and the growth followed. Every journey begins with a single step. Once you have decided where to focus your business and have scheduled your discipline you need to be patient in your pursuit of it.


    6. Your Peer Group

    You don’t always choose your friends and family, but you can choose your peer group. My yoga class is essentially a new peer group. One that is focussed on body and mind and is inspiring to be around. They watch their nutrition, some of them are professional athletes and one of them is a top ultra-distance runner. Spending time with a range of yoga practitioners all moving forward in their development is empowering. It’s helpful in business to have a peer group that inspires and pushes you further. Most of the top business people I know spend time with other business leaders that open their minds to new ways of thinking and being. Is there such a group that you can join?


    7. Building Your Base

    If you are going to grow your business and provide for your loved ones you need to build on solid foundations. Without your body and your health it’s going to be hard, so you need to take good care of yourself. Through yoga, running and good eating I have shed 1kg a week for the last eight weeks as I lower my weight by 1.5 stone in preparation for the Great North Run. Regular yoga has burned lots of fat and made me more considerate of what I am eating and drinking. The results mean work is easier, I am rarely sick and I have more energy for our business and my family and friends. There’s no time like the present so just do it!


    8. Knock on Effects

    My yoga practice has had several unexpected benefits. Firstly it is way more demanding physically than I thought it would be. As a result my body has become more toned and stronger in addition to being more flexible. My breathing and posture have also improved which has helped my running no end. Even the relaxation pose means that I am regularly relaxing my mind and body. At work I feel calmer and more composed. The knock on effects of becoming more focussed and disciplined with our business are that I have grown so much in terms of knowledge and understanding of the world. I've discovered that it's not just the goals that you reach, but who you become through reaching them.


    9. Mindfulness

    Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focussing on one’s awareness in the present moment whilst calmly acknowledging one's feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations. So often our thoughts are in the past or the future and seldom in the present. We mull over regrets or missed opportunities or fantasise over dreams that may never happen. Yoga centres around breathing and postures that help my mind stay focussed on the present moment. This is also helpful in business. Dealing with situations as they stand (rather than focussing on what might have been or could be) can often be more helpful and practical.


    10. Shift Preconceptions

    Yoga has meant that I have had to completely revise my idea of what what being girly means. I used to think it meant weaker or lesser, but I was wrong. I wasn't alone in this. Take a look at this video to see how this kind of language affects girls growing up. In truth the women in my class are incredibly strong, flexible and powerful. Extending this out to life and business I think phrases that suggest women and girls are less in some way are redundant and so I don't use them. What language do you use that prejudices the way you see things? Can you stop it or change it? 


    I have now been practicing yoga for two months and am looking forward to taking part in the Great North Run next month to help raise £70,000 for Cancer Research. I last ran this half marathon in 2011 and had a great time, which included meeting loads of amazing athletes like Mo Farrah, Jonathan Edwards, Steve Cram and many more at the Great North CityGames the day before. Hopefully this year will be just as good.


    If you’d like to sponsor me please visit


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  • Valentines Cards 2016 from Blue Eyed Sun

    Knit Wit

    Cutie PieBlue Eyed Sun have launched four new ranges of Valentines Cards for 2016. Valentine's Day falls on Sunday 14th February 2016 and you can order from us right up until the last minute. Lines do sell out so don't leave it too late!

    Here's what's new for Valentine's Day 2016:

    ImpressedPictured at the top of this post are our Knit Wit cards made from original hand knitted artworks. These colourful cards are all 125mm x 174mm. Knit Wit are also available in Mothers Day and Fathers Day.

    To the right are Blue Eyed Sun's Cutie Pie Valentines range, based on original hand crocheted characters by textile artist Jo Corner. These adorable new Valentine's Day designs are 160mm square.

    The third collection is our new Impressed range of Valentines cards made with love and clay in the UK. These delicate cards are 96mm x 140mm and printed on luxurious watercolour board. Impressed are available in Everyday and Mothers Day.

    Our fourth and final range is Pincushion which are based on original hand stitched artworks and then hand finished with jewels. Pincushion are 160mm square and are also available in Everyday and Mothers Day.

    Sold in sixes to trade buyers only, all of our new ranges of Valentines Day cards for 2016 are barcoded, cello-wrapped and blank inside. Our Valentines cards are all printed on FSC board from sustainable managed forests. There is still time to order these cards for your store and we have a large selection of designs online in the trade only section of our site.

    To stock these Valentines Cards in your shop click here. If you'd like to see them in your local shop please tell them and point them towards or you can recommend a shop to us by clicking here. You can also visit our stockists page to find a stockist near you.

    See our cards in person at Autumn Fair - Stand 4D03

    Click here to see our 2016 Mother's Day designs

    Take a look at our new Father's Day designs for 2016


  • How to find Design Point 5 at Home & Gift Harrogate - DP5

    Find Design Point 5Design Point 5 or DP 5 is a new card and gift hall at the Home & Gift trade show in Harrogate, which has a wonderful selection of greeting cards for design-led gift shops. We've made a video below to help you find it easily.

    Many of the leading greeting card brands and top up and coming card publishers show in this hall, which is located outside the Majestic Hotel and not far from Halls G and H next to the nearby Premier Inn. It's also near DP 1 and DP 3.

    Billed as a new hall for design-led gifts the Design Point 5 marquee is, in truth, filled with a wonderful array of card publishers and a beautiful selection of greeting card products for shops looking to stand out on the high street.

    Click the play button of the video below to see how to find Design Point 5 in less than 90 seconds.

    Find Blue Eyed Sun on Stand DP5-58 at Home and Gift Harrogate

    4 Great Restaurants near the Harrogate International Centre

    Click here for all the essential info you need about Home and Gift

    Watch How to find Design Point 5 at Home and Gift from Blue Eyed Sun on Vimeo.

  • Blue Eyed Sun launch new Impressed card range

    Impressed greeting cardsBe the first to see this delightful new handmade Impressed card range from Blue Eyed Sun.

    Designed by artist, Jo Corner, these beautiful cards are all handmade with love and clay in the UK. The Impressed card range currently includes 7 open birthday captions and 26 occasions cards with more being launched in the coming months including 12 Valentines and 12 Mother's Day cards. 

    Impressed cards are blank inside and all come cello wrapped with a beautiful white envelope that is 102mm x 147mm. Sold in sixes the designs are available for trade customers to order through our agents, by brochure, at shows or on our website. All paper used is responsibly sourced from sustained and managed forests.

    See this wonderful Impressed card range first in person at the events below:

    Home & Gift at Harrogate 19-22 July 2015 - Stand DP5-58

    Autumn Fair International at the NEC in Birmingham 6-9 September 2015 - Hall 4 - Stand 4D03

    To stock these cards in your shop click here. If you'd like to see them in your local shop please tell them and point them in the direction of or recommend a shop to us by clicking here. You can also visit our stockists page to find a store near you that may be selling them. To see an overview of Blue Eyed Sun ranges click here.

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