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  • A Sweet and Simple Marketing Idea

    A Sweet and Simple Marketing Idea

    Last year I had the good fortune to see the entertaining speaker and author, Geoff Ramm, share some innovative and simple marketing ideas with a packed audience at the Giftware Association’s Member’s Day.

    I’ve always loved marketing and enjoy seeing different ways of tackling the age old problem of standing out from crowded marketplaces. Geoff is an awesome speaker and I love his ideas for ways you make your business outstanding for customers.

    Having a sweet tooth, on this occasion, one simple marketing idea resonated with me in particular:

    The Wedding Tog

    Simon Jones of Bonjour Photography had the list of couples due to attend a wedding show he was exhibiting at. He took the trouble to contact everyone on the list and ask them what their favourite chocolate was. That’s it. No sales pitch, nothing to say how awesome he was as a photographer or how competitive his prices were. Just what chocolate they loved most. He then asked them to visit his stand at the show to collect a gift from him.

    He purchased the various chocolates and put them together as a gift pack along with an album of his photographs for each couple. The results were remarkable. 90% of the customers he cold contacted shared their favourite chocolates. He successfully tracked them down, even an obscure chocolate from the US and ultimately took £14,000 of bookings for an outlay of £400.

    I was bowled over by the hit rate on such a simple idea. I’ve thought a lot about this idea since. Why did it work so well? It’s not like chocolates are particularly expensive or, for that matter, very special (despite being occasionally delicious). He wasn’t offering discounts, or mega deals either.

    Why it Works

    The first thing that’s most noticeable about this idea is that the call is not a sales call. In fact, even the most hardened anti-sales call person answering can’t help but be intrigued by such a simple request as “what’s your favourite chocolate?” It doesn’t cost them anything to share this information. It’s also quite fun.

    Those called don’t have to go to see the photographer at the show if they don’t want to. Even if they do, they already know it’s a bit of fun. They can just pick up their gift and leave. It doesn’t feel like they are being sold to at any point. They feel in control of the process.

    When they did visit Simon, they not only got their favourite chocolate, but they received it as a gift, wrapped up in a ribbon with a nicely bound copy of his work. The book shows his quality of work, the standard of his albums and contained a price list within. The gift aspect is a considerate personal touch.

    Not only is the chocolate a personalised gift to suit their taste, it’s actually incredibly personal in other ways too. Our relationship with our favourite chocolate taps into our physical senses of taste, touch and smell, as well as past experiences of pleasure and it evokes memories that undoubtedly make us smile.

    None of us like to be sold to and yet most of us like to buy. The majority of engaged couples attending the show needed a photographer for their wedding. Simon was showing them a lot about himself before they even looked at his work. He demonstrated consideration, empathy, a sense of fun, attention to detail and the personal touch.

    All of these are vital qualities the couple probably didn’t even realise they were looking for when choosing a photographer. Technical ability and price are actually secondary to their subconscious need for their wedding pro to deliver the images of one of the most important, personal and intimate experiences of their lives.

    Not only was his order book filled, but visitors spoke about him at the show and Geoff included his story in his marketing book and I’m sharing it with you now. All from one sweet and simple marketing idea.

    Taking Action

    Now I’ve been to a lot of talks over the years and felt inspired during many of them. I can’t always say I’ve done anything more after that. You have to take action to really benefit.  As I watched Geoff share Simon’s story with over 100 delegates, I looked around the room and wondered how many would try this idea. I didn’t want to be one of a load of suppliers using this idea in our industry. If a lot of us do it, it loses its edge. Also, we were already doing little things like sending Brighton Rock sweets and handwritten notes in our orders. I almost talked myself out of doing it.

    As I sat there it occurred to me that the chances of nobody in the room talking this lesson board was actually quite high. I came to the conclusion that it was highly likely that I would be the only company in the room to try it out. So I did at the next show a month or two later. Here’s what happened…

    Chocolate Heaven

    We approached 72 customers who had visited us at the Autumn Shows in the past three years and successfully discovered their favourite chocolates. Of these, 33 shops came and collected their chocolates (with a gift sample pack) and ordered at the show or shortly afterwards with a total sales value of £11k (plus higher than average order values). Not bad for acting on advice given to us for the small charge of attending the seminar.

    Perhaps they might have ordered anyway. Who knows. Regardless, every customer enjoyed the experience and we loved doing it too. Will, in our office, enjoyed making the calls because he didn’t feel like he was selling. I loved shopping for the chocolates and we had a great time handing them out at the show. We also had fun taking photos and sharing the experience on social media and in this column.

    By the time you read this, Blue Eyed Sun will have used this marketing idea at four different shows. The idea has been done in our industry now, so you’ll have to think of something else. The lesson isn’t really about chocolate though. It’s about paying attention to your customers and going that bit further. What can you do to make your business stand out? What can you do that will exceed your customer’s expectations and blow them away?

    When you start thinking this way, your business changes and you begin to see opportunities everywhere to do better and take more time to consider your customers more personally. These are some further things we did as a result.

    Chocolate Highs

    A few weeks later the major buyer of a large retail customer of ours mentioned their favourite chocolate in an interview. We spotted it straight away as an opportunity to connect and sent a box of them along with a personalised thank you note saying how grateful we are for their business. Our customer loved it.

    Gift Packs

    I’ve started sharing gift packs of Blue Eyed Sun cards with customers and friends that I know that love to send them. They often tweet and share images of the cards online. More importantly, I know they are taking pleasure in using our cards and spreading the love.


    We always hand write the messages in our Christmas cards to our customers, this year we took it one step further by personalising the front of the cards too. The response of good feeling from customers was lovely. Many of the cards were shared on social media too.

    Willies Cacao

    I recently met Willie Harcourt-Cooze who appeared on Channel 4’s Willies Chocolate Revolution. Last month we partnered with Willies Cacao to cross market to each other’s customers with special offers and fun initiatives like including a gift of chocolates in Blue Eyed Sun’s Valentine deliveries to our retailers.

    What about you?

    What are your innovative ideas for marketing? How do you create OMG experiences for your customers? What do you do to stand out from the crowd and personalise the experience for them? I’d love to hear your stories. Tweet them to us @Blue_Eyed_Sun

    Tell us your favourite chocolate and we'll have a special gift for you at Spring Fair

    Willie's Cacao Special Offer for Blue Eyed Sun customers

    Marketing: Then vs Now

  • Spring Fair 2018 - Essential Information

    Spring Fair 2018 - Essential InfoSpring Fair 2018 brings together a huge range of products including an inspirational showcase of over 300 British greetings card publishers in Hall 3 at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

    Register for FREE tickets to Spring Fair by clicking here

    When is Spring Fair 2018?

    Spring Fair 2018 runs from Sunday 4th February until Thursday 8th February from 09:00 - 18:00 each day.

    Watch a short video of Spring Fair Greeting Card Section

    Blue Eyed Sun in Spring Fair Voucher Scheme

    New customers who order £500 or more from Blue Eyed Sun can save £100 off their order.

    Find out about the Spring Fair Voucher

    Where to Eat at Spring Fair

    We've tried lots of different restaurants at Spring Fair. Here are some of our favourites:

    5 Great Restaurants near the NEC

    Where to Stay at Spring Fair

    Consider hotels in Birmingham City Centre (which is a short train ride from the NEC).

    Find accommodation for Spring Fair here

    How to get to Spring Fair

    The sat nav post code is B40 1NT. Parking on site is free. There are free shuttle buses to take you around the complex.

    Birmingham International Rail Station is a 5 minute walk from the show as is Birmingham International Airport. It is an 80 minute train ride from London Euston Rail Station.

    Save 25% on Virgin Rail Advance Tickets

    Seminars at Spring Fair 2018

    Improve your business at Spring Fair 2018.

    Click here for a full list of seminars.

    What's New from Blue Eyed Sun at Spring Fair

    Blue Eyed Sun is launching their new Day Dream greeting card range at Spring Fair 2018 on Stand 3X31 in Hall 3 near the cafeteria. Do come and say hi.

    Click here to see what's new from Blue Eyed Sun

    Quote coupon code: SFB18 when ordering during the shows (online or offline) for FREE CARRIAGE until 28th February.

    Chocolate Surprise

    Tell us what your favourite chocolate is and we'll have a surprise gift for you at the show.

    Click here to tell us

    Can't make the show? Click here to request access all of our designs online.

    Read 12 Top Tips for Trade Show Visitors

    See if you can find Blue Eyed Sun's stand 3X31 in Hall 3 on the show map below:

    Spring Fair 2016 Floorpan NEC

  • Top Drawer Spring 2018 - Essential Information

    Top Drawer Spring 2018Top Drawer Spring 2018 features many of Britain's leading design-led greeting card publishers. Here are the essentials you need for this top trade show for retailers:

    For free tickets to Top Drawer Spring please click here.

    When is Top Drawer Spring 2018?

    Top Drawer Spring 2018 runs from Sunday 14th January until Tuesday 16th January from 09:30 - 18:00 at Olympia in London and features a stunning edited showcase of over 1,500 hand picked brands. 

     Click here to watch a video of the card section at Top Drawer Spring.

    Where to Eat at Top Drawer Spring

    We've tried lots of different places to eat near Top Drawer Spring. Here are some of our favourites:

    5 Great Restaurants near Olympia and 5 Great Restaurants in Earls Court.

    Where to Stay at Top Drawer Spring

    Olympia is well serviced for hotels and there are good transport links to local London areas.

    Click here for an interactive map of hotels near Top Drawer Spring

    How to Get to Top Drawer Spring

    There's an overland train to Olympia Station to Top Drawer Spring 2018 from Shepherd's Bush (central line) or West Brompton (District Line)Click here for the TFL website.

    The Sat Nav post code for Olympia is W14 8UX for drivers. You can park next to the venue. Do book in advance as it is more expensive on the day. Click here to book parking at Olympia.

    What's new from Blue Eyed Sun?

    Blue Eyed Sun are launching a gorgeous new greeting card range called Daydream at Top Drawer Spring 2018 on stand T42. You can also order any last minute Valentines, Mothers or Fathers Day cards as well as getting a sneak preview of forthcoming Christmas ranges.

    Click here to see what's new from Blue Eyed Sun

    To order Blue Eyed Sun's new designs for your shop or request a brochure click here.

    Top Drawer Spring 2018 - Floor Plan

  • Special Willie's Cacao Offer for Blue Eyed Sun Customers

    Willies Cacao

    At Blue Eyed Sun we love chocolate and our customers so much that, as a special treat, we have included a gift of Willie's Cacao truffles with every Valentine's greeting card order shipping in January. Click here to login and order.

    We've also persuaded our friends at Willie's Cacao to create two special intro offers for you:

    1. A Free case of Praline Truffles worth £26.52 for gift orders over £170.
    2. A free wooden display stand with 8 cases of 50g bars

    Discover the wonderfully tactile, artist sculpted golden cacao pod tins and astonishingly delicious praline truffles. For details contact Anna on or call 01884 840 650. No minimum order. Free delivery over £170 + VAT.

    Willie Harcourt-Cooze, from Channel 4's Willies Chocolate Revolution, makes some of the best chocolate in the world. His aim is to introduce everyone to real chocolate with the pure, beautiful flavours of the world's great single estate cacaos.

    Willie's dream of making the world's best chocolate was born in Hacienda El Tesoro, his cacao farm high in the cloud first in Venezuela. With beans bought direct from farmers, he makes them into chocolate in small batches in his factory in England, using neither vanilla nor soya lecithin, so preserving the highly individual flavours of the beans. One batch may take up to 18 days, which is a hundred times longer then industrial chocolate.

    Don't miss out on this wonderful offer. We hope you enjoy the chocolates!

    Click here to find out more about Willies Cacao 

    See Blue Eyed Sun at Top Drawer - Stand T42

    See Willie's Cacao at Top Drawer on Stand FE443

  • The Power of Groups

    Group PowerIt’s easy to think that we are alone in this world; trapped inside a bag of skin and doing our best to survive. The truth is far more beautiful than that, for we are all profoundly connected with each other and with our environment.

    Self Made Myth

    We love the idea of the self made man or woman. The idea of the leader or visionary that saw the future and led us all to it. Such people are lauded as heroes in magazines, films and books despite it not being the whole truth.

    In his commencement speech at the University of Houston, Arnold Schwarzenegger believes that the idea of the self made man is a myth. None of us can get anywhere on our own. Every person who put him up on their sofa in the early days when he had nothing, everyone who helped him with his training or English or who gave him a break at a different points all contributed to his finding success later in life.

    There’s a wonderful image from the movie The Straight Story by David Lynch which really sums this up. The central character, Alvin, recounts how, as a game, he used to give his kids a stick and tell them to break it, which they did easily. He’d then ask them to tie a bundle of sticks together and try and break them. They couldn’t. “That bundle… that’s family” he’d say. To illustrate my point, that’s the power of the group.

    As soon as you understand that you got where you are with a lot of help from your groups, you realise that it’s time to help others. Time to work together to build something greater than all of us.

    Family Power

    Group Power

    I got this a long time ago, which is why I agreed to help the late Lynn Tait with The Ladder Club seminars back in 2004 and have been speaking there for free every year since.

    I’ve also been an active member of both the Greeting Card Association (GCA) where I am currently Treasurer and the Giftware Association (The GA) where I will become Chairman this year (I give away 10% of my time each year to helping various groups).

    We need groups like these to help our industries thrive, to help those who need to grow and to help those who are less fortunate (through benevolent funds and the like). More importantly, these groups need us. Yet, so often, many of us are pushed for time or strapped for cash and we hold back on getting involved, because we are looking out for our own interests.

    Speaking from experience, what’s most interesting is that the more you give, the more you receive. It’s like love, the more you love the more love appears around you in the world. Like the brightest star, loving beings light up the darkness around them. Groups which are full of generosity and giving are like the brightest of galaxies, like a milky way lighting up the sky at night.

    It’s the same with teaching: the more we teach, the more we learn (The Roman philosopher, Seneca, observed this almost 2,400 years ago). Every year, after returning from the Ladder Club seminars I say to my team, “OK. These are the words of advice I’ve given others, are we still practising this ourselves? If not, why not?” Every year we improve a little from doing this.

    The Protége Effect

    Researchers have found that students that tutor others work harder to understand the material, recall it more accurately and apply it more effectively. Scientists have called this the protége effect. Student teachers score higher in tests than those studying for their own sake.

    Similar studies have concluded that first-born children are brighter than their later born siblings due to time spent showing them the ropes. Cascading mentoring programs, where students teach others all the way down the education system, can help everyone in groups get smarter as they progress.

    These days we are always learning, but are we always teaching too? What are our contributions? Where do we sew what we have reaped?

    Online Groups

    Social media can feel like busy marketplaces full of noise and shouting, without much listening. For me, one of the most exciting areas of social media has been the groups that I’ve been involved with online: primarily with Facebook and WhatsApp (although I have also tested group tools on LinkedIn, Telegram, Slack and Allo).

    Good online groups can be very supportive environments for niche subject areas in order to learn and grow. One of the reasons Ladder Club publishers have been so successful in recent years is the Facebook group that alumni can join for year round support and encouragement. I’ve answered hundreds of questions in this group and it’s so lovely to see how other members (who were previously students) are now answering a lot of questions for others themselves. The group as a whole has grown in strength as a result.

    I’ve also been involved in several networking groups on WhatsApp and have developed and grown friendships that have opened all sorts of interesting opportunities, lessons and personal growth over time.

    Network Thinking

    I’ve written before on the importance of fully understanding Network thinking (which is open, random and supportive) over Institutional Thinking (which is closed, selective and controlling). You cannot be the latter and ignore the former online, especially not in groups. People can sniff out self interest a mile away. Most importantly, it erodes trust. They say of trust that it is won in inches and lost in miles. So take care when building it online.

    Building trust through being open, random and supportive takes time. You have to be open to all comers, it’s random so you cannot simply pick and choose who you respond to based on how it will benefit you personally and you have to be supportive of others instead of just looking out for yourself.

    It sounds easy when I say it like this, but it takes time to adjust. My friend, Thomas Power, who first articulated this distinction and who spoke on the subject at the GA Members’ Day  a couple of years ago reckons it can take up to ten years to make the change from CSC institutional thinking to ORS network thinking.

    Practicing Network Thinking

    When I first watched Thomas speak on the subject I understood what he meant as I have instinctively operated in a similar way for many years. Last year, I decided to test myself on this to see if I really had the stomach for fully adjusting to it.

    Buying and sending other publishers’ cards on The Greeting Card Project felt like madness at times (from the CSC perspective) and yet it was totally essential to encouraging more greeting card sending overall. It would not have worked had I promoted Blue Eyed Sun in the videos.

    The experience has completely changed me and how I see greeting cards. It’s opened my eyes to the life of retailers, publishers and card buying consumers.

    I want to invite you to join the next stage of this project’s journey so that you can experience all of this too.

    Join the Group

    The fact is that I can’t continue to do it alone. I’m like the twig on it’s own in the earlier analogy. I’m at breaking point with it and I need your help to grow this project. It was only meant to be for a year, but I feel at over 20,000 views on social media, that this project has some momentum and could help our industry as a whole if more people get involved this year.

    It’s too much to ask any one person to continue to make videos every week on card buying and to share them online. Collectively however we could do more as a group. Perhaps not just with videos, but with images and hashtags as well.

    So, if you have been at all inspired by The Greeting Card Project last year and want to get involved in sending more cards this year to make it even bigger and better, please join the group at

    Watch The Greeting Card Project Videos

  • The Greeting Card Project - December Review

    #TGCP December Review

    This is the final month of The Greeting Card Project where I visit a different shop every week this year and buy and send more greeting cards to see how it improves my relationships and enhances my sense of well being.

    Here are the final episodes for you to catch up on:

    This week I buy thank you cards for guys from from Saffrons of York.

    Sixty second bonus episode illustrating the difference between sending digital messages and cards.

    This week I bought Christmas Relations cards from John Lewis on Oxford Street in London.

    Buying beautiful cards from You in Stamford, Lincolnshire.

    Buying Christmas Packs from Fortnum & Mason in London.

    The twelfth month of the channel had 581 views with viewers watching over 16 hours of The Greeting Card Project for an average of 1:43 per video. The channel gained 1 more subscribers,  14 shares and accumulated 40 likes and 0 dislikes. The total lifetime channel views is now 10,589 with over 352 hours watched and an average view time of 1:59.

    December's Facebook video views were 1,859 totalling with 12 hours view time. Lifetime Facebook views are 10,190 with 75 hours viewed since I started posting natively in Facebook mid-June.

    If you do watch and enjoy the videos please pop over to YouTube and subscribe. I'd also love it if you followed the project on the new Facebook Page. Keep up to date on other platforms via my personal Twitter account @JeremyCorner and my personal Instagram @JeremyCorner.

    Where possible there are hyperlinks to all of the featured companies beneath each YouTube video.

    November Review of #TGCP

    October Review of #TGCP

    September Review of #TGCP

    August Review of #TGCP

    July Review of #TGCP

    June Review of #TGCP

    May Review of #TGCP

    April Review of #TGCP

    March Review of #TGCP

    February Review of #TGCP

    January review of #TGCP

    Learn why I started #TGCP

  • Looking Back on The Greeting Card Project

    Looking Back - The Greeting Card Project

    On Sunday 31st December I will post my final video at on a personal quest that has taken me far and wide as I have explored the magic of greeting card sending each week this year.

    At the start of the year I confessed to the world that, despite having published cards for the last seventeen years, I didn’t actually send that many greeting cards myself. My New Year’s resolution for 2017 was to change this and send more cards. I would also document my experiences on video and share them on YouTube and social media each week.


    At the start of the project I wanted to explore how it would change me and how it would affect my relationships. I also wanted to explore the nature of giving cards.

    It has been quite a journey. I’ve been through all sorts of ups and downs on the project. I’m proud to have nearly completed it and I’m pleased that it’s also inspired others to send more cards, create their own videos and to be more supportive online.

    I am hugely grateful to everyone who has contributed to the videos with video replies and help, to those who let me film in their shops and to everyone who shared the content online. I’m indebted to my 10 yr old son, Sam, whom I dragged around post boxes and shops when I needed help filming. Mostly I am grateful to all of you that take the time out of your busy lives to watch my short films. Thank you.

    The stats

    This year I have purchased and sent over 250 cards from over 150 different publishers in 52 different stores in the UK and Europe. I’ve spent around £250 on postage, £750 on cards and £600 on travel to complete the project with a total cost of £1,600.

    Creating and sharing the videos online has taken approximately 400 hours of work this year (Interestingly, the total watch time for the videos is 427 hours).

    The videos on YouTube had 10,589 views by the year end with an average view time of two minutes each. Halfway through the year, I started testing the videos in Facebook and other platforms and the total views of the videos during 2017 on all channels was 20,779.

    I’m really pleased with these stats. I never expected the channel to go viral and this wasn’t my intention anyway. I wanted to create something that was of interest to our community and to people who love cards. Whilst I’d love to have done more with the format, I was restricted by the time I could dedicate to the project (around 6-8 hours per week). For the time, budget and resources I had the project has been a success for me. More importantly it’s changed me personally as I’ve grown from the experience.

    How I’ve changed

    When I started my first video I was pretty nervous. The first shot on Brighton beach took me about fifty takes. I felt so self conscious walking and talking to my phone as passers by looked on. My face felt tight (although it was pretty cold on the day) and the more takes I did, the harder it was to stay relaxed. I got a lot better at this with practice and I feel very at ease in front of the camera now. It’s actually a lot of fun.

    Over time I got more organised. I didn’t plan the project particularly well. I thought of a format that I could achieve and that I would find interesting and then went for it. I’m writing this knowing that I only have two videos left to shoot and how and where I’m going to do them. Being ahead is a lot less stressful than shooting, editing and uploading all on the same day (yup, I did that twice).

    The biggest shift for me personally is the discovery that the real pleasure comes from buying and sending the cards, not the reciprocal receipt of any cards. It’s like sending rays of sunshine off into peoples’ lives. I love it and I love that I don’t rely on replies to feel happy or content within. That said, it is lovely to receive cards too and I’ve loved every one of the dozen or so that have come through my door this year.

    My Relationships

    The quality of our relationships comes down to the quality of our communication. Whilst greeting cards will never be a panacea for fixing relationships, I do believe they can really help us to communicate and to connect powerfully with one another. Card sending is an act of service, a gift, a way of spending quality time with another, they’re tactile and they often contain words of affirmation and affection. They can light up a person’s day in a way that is uniquely wonderful.

    The biggest change for me has been a personal shift within that has come from spending more time thinking of others and more regularly feeling grateful for my friends and loved ones. It’s been a challenging year for me personally and this practice has been invaluable to my sense of well being. I have experienced and changed so much I can’t even begin to tell you about it all. I also can’t honestly tell you if I am actually closer to my friends or to anyone else in my life as a result of sending more cards. I do feel better for doing it though.

    What I've discovered is that the real moment is here and now. When I choose a card for you and I hand write a message to you I am with you in this moment. Even though we may be many miles apart. Even if we are the best of friends or we hardly know each other, I am here with you. Thinking of you. This is the real gift: presence.

    What Next?

    I need your help to send more cards and deliver more smiles in 2018. Are you up for it?

    The mission, should you choose to accept it:

    Agree to send more cards during 2018 and to share your stories using #TheGreetingCardProject on social media.

    You don’t have to make a video. You can simply share a photo or write your greeting card story.

    I do hope that you will get involved and look forward to hearing your experience.

    Join the Facebook Group to get started:

    Watch The Greeting Card Project weekly videos at

    Why I started the Greeting Card Project

    14 Things I've learned making The Greeting Card Project

    My top Technical Tips for Making Video for your Business

  • Blue Eyed Sun launch new Daydream greeting card range

    Daydream Greeting Cards - Blue Eyed SunBlue Eyed Sun have launched a brand new range of everyday cards called Daydream.

    Based on original hand crafted artworks by textile artist Jo Corner, Daydream are embossed to give a beautiful look and a realistic feel. Hand finished with jewels the new 42 new designs include 15 open birthday captions and 27 occasions cards.

    Daydream cards all come cello wrapped with a coloured envelope that is 165mm x 165mm square. Sold in sixes the designs are available for trade customers to order through our sales agents, by brochure, at shows or logging into Blue Eyed Sun's trade only website.

    A new Everyday Brochure 2018 is on its way to retailers featuring all our latest designs, which are available for delivery from 15th January.

    You can see them all first in person at the events below:

    Top Drawer Spring at Olympia in London 14 - 16 January 2018 - Stand T42

    Spring Fair at the NEC in Birmingham 4 - 8 February 2018 - Hall 3 - Stand 3X31

    To stock these cards in your shop click here. If you'd like to see them in your local shop please tell them and point them in the direction of or recommend a shop to us by clicking here. You can also visit our stockists page to find a store near you that may be selling them. To see an overview of Blue Eyed Sun ranges click here.

  • Blue Eyed Sun meets the Small Business Saturday Bus

    Small Business Saturday 2017Blue Eyed Sun MD, Jeremy Corner, was recently invited for a Facebook Live interview with the Small Business Saturday bus in Brighton to discuss greeting cards, retail and small business.

    Small Business Saturday is held on the 2nd December 2017 in the UK. It's a grass roots, non-commercial campaign, which highlights small business success and encourages consumers to 'shop local' and support small businesses in their communities.

    Retailers and small businesses can get involved in a number of ways:

    1. You can register your business and advertise for free in the Small Business Finder.
    2. You can download and use the logo on your website and social media.
    3. Download the free marketing pack in English and Welsh.
    4. Have your social media amplified by sharing with the SBS team.

    As consumers, we can all get involved by shopping local on the day. Support your independent stores rather than just buying all of you Christmas presents with the big online companies.

    The Small Business Saturday bus tour took in 29 locations around the UK this year and offered free business mentoring to small businesses supported by ACCA accountants.

    The video has been viewed over 1,160 times already. You can watch the full interview below.

    Find out more about SBS

    Watch our interviews with the Startup Van

    Visiting Downing Street with the Startup Britain Bus

  • Festive Friday 2017 at Blue Eyed Sun

    Festive Friday 2017

    It's Festive Friday 2017 this week, the day that kick starts UK Christmas card sending and we take time to think of all those we care about and get busy writing and sending them Christmas cards.

    The UK Greeting Card Association launched the Festive Friday campaign four years ago to encourage card publishers and retailers to send their Christmas cards early to help remind everyone to remember to send theirs. There are around 100,000 people working directly and indirectly with the UK card industry. If each of us sends 10 Christmas cards to arrive in the first week of December it will have a fantastic ripple effect from those first million gestures. Last year had a fantastic effect on our industry and we hope that this fun initiative will continue for many years to come.

    At Blue Eyed Sun we've been getting into the Christmas spirit early and held a 'christmas card writing hour' for our team to write and send cards to their loved ones to support the Festive Friday 2017 campaign. We sponsored the cards, their time and the postage to support the GCA campaign. All our team had to do was to write as many cards as they wanted to in the hour. We managed over 200 Christmas cards between us, which will be making their way via Royal Mail over the weekend to their lucky recipients.

    Our team had a lot of fun on Festive Friday 2017 with Christmas jumpers and Santa and Elf hats to get us in the spirit. It's a wonderful feeling when we think about all of the love going out into the world from this short amount of time dedicated to card sending and we recommend it to anyone involved in the card industry.

    Even if you are not in the card industry, it is a special time of year to connect with your customers, friends and loved ones. Send them a nice Christmas card with a warm message in it expressing your gratitude and wishing them all the best for the New Year. We hope you enjoy spreading festive cheer around the world.

    Download a Free Toolkit for Festive Friday from the GCA website

    Cards can have valuable emotional impact in your loved ones' lives.

    There are only a few days left to get cards in the post though, so do get started this week. I've listed the Royal Mail's last posting dates below. Want to print this info out for your customers? Click here to download the dates in a PDF.

    Find out more about Blue Eyed Sun's Christmas cards for 2017 here. Available at all good card retailers.

    Festive Friday 2017

    Last Posting Dates 2017

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