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Scientists prove that greeting cards are good for your Mother

Scientists prove Mothers prefer greeting cards on Mother's Day

In the lead up to Mother’s Day, Royal Mail has conducted a scientific experiment which shows mums respond more positively to greeting cards and letters than to social media messages.

The tests held under laboratory conditions by Mindlab, an independent scientific research company, on behalf of Royal Mail, found that mums reacted more positively to traditional cards and letters over electronic and social media messages.

As part of the study, emotional activity was measured. The experiment involved volunteer mums being fitted with a cap and electrodes which measured changes in voltage caused by cognitive activity in the brain.

The electrical activity in the mums’ brains saw a greater positive emotional response to handwritten letters and greeting cards when compared to electronic messages such as social network messages and emails,

A second experiment also found that mothers elicit greater feelings of happiness towards letters and greeting cards over email and social media messages. The Implicit Association Test saw mums having to associate words representing either happiness or sadness with cards and letters and electronic messages.

Mums recorded twice the amount of happiness towards letters and cards to social media messages, and three times more than email. They did not respond positively to tweets at all.

Nationwide survey shows cards are the key to a mum’s heart this Mother’s Day

Meanwhile, an online nationwide survey has found that the main thing mums want this Mother’s Day is a handwritten card.

The survey conducted in cities across the UK by YouGov on behalf of Royal Mail, has showed that mums would most like to receive a handwritten card this Sunday (48%) rather than being pampered at a spa day (11%), tea at the Ritz (11%) or time on their own (e.g. relaxing) (4%).

The online poll found that over three quarters (77%) of women surveyed are expecting to send or receive handwritten greeting cards compared to just 7% for a Facebook message /wall post and 4% for an email.

Mother’s Day cards also got a resounding seal of approval from women, with 83% agreeing the day should be marked with a handwritten card, just behind Birthdays 87%.

Stephen Agar, Managing Director of Consumer and Network Access at Royal Mail, said: “Our scientific experiment has proven that mums have a much greater positive emotional response to handwritten cards and letters over social media messages and emails. The study shows that receiving cards or letters really do make you feel happier compared to other communication methods.

“This and our nationwide poll suggests that when it comes to saying ‘thank you’ to your Mum this Mother’s Day, forget tea at the Ritz, only a card will do.”

SharonLittle from the Greeting Card Association, commented: “I’m delighted that we now have scientific proof that sending a card is the best way to communicate love and caring for someone special.

“When it comes to Mother’s Day, a hand written greeting card is the best way to give a special thank you to your Mum.”

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