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7 Magnificent Business Tips that have stood us in good stead

7 Business Tips that have stood us in good stead

Following the success of our businesses Blue Eyed Sun and Ivy Ellen, we recently had an article written on us in magazine and the journalist asked me for my top business tips at the end of the interview. I thought I'd share them with you today:

1. Focus on your customer. Listen to what they tell. make sure they are happy and feel looked after. You need to ensure you have fantastic quality of design and production. You also need to work hard to offer great service.

2. Listen to your staff. Hear what they say and, if it makes sense, act on it. I'm doing this more and more these days and find that it both empowers my team and takes the weight off my shoulders.

3. Take action immediately if something is not quite right. Don't shy away thinking it will sort itself out. It won't. The harder things feel they are to deal with the more important it is that you get on and sort them quickly.

4. Have fun. I used to take business far too seriously. Now I don't beat myself up if something doesn't quite go our way. I'm not suggesting a flippant attitude to your business. I'm talking about enjoying it. It's not just about the money. Enjoy the breeze or the rain that might hit your face rather than cursing it. Appreciate the present instead of clinging to the past or being lost in the future. There is no greater moment than right now.

5. Have an outside interest. Business is great, but it isn't everything. Make time for your kids, make time for yourself. The business will benefit too. I like to run. Read my blog post on 15 ways marathon training has improved our business by clicking here.

6. Accept that some years are better than others. Sometimes you can just walk straight through the 'rainy times', other times you need to 'huddle' for a while. Try to get good at knowing when to do which.

7. Remember the importance of humility. I have made mistakes when I have said or done something that wasn't quite right. Be humble enough to own your mistakes and say you are sorry.

Reading these business tips back to myself, I find it interesting to see that I've missed off some key aspects to running a good business like maintaining good cash flow, keeping up to date accounts, etc. I guess this list isn't exhaustive.

These business tips are really about you as a person running your business and how you relate to the world around you. My overriding advice to anyone setting up in business is to remember to look after yourself and those around you as best you can when running it. Isn't that what life is all about?

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