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Business Ambition with Peter Jones from Dragons Den

Jeremy Corner Peter Jones

Watch Blue Eyed Sun MD, Jeremy Corner, on a Facebook Live panel session with Dragon's Den star and tycoon, Peter Jones. The panel was led by Kevin Poulter and included Janice B Gordon, both fellow Sage Business Experts. Organised by Sage the broadcast on 13th June was part of their ongoing support for business builders.

The discussion included topics like ambition, what makes British business great, brexit, greeting cards and BambooCups. The evening continued with a fireside chat between Peter Jones and Sage CEO, Stephen Kelly. Attended by Sage customers it was fascinating to listen to Peter's journey and to hear tips for businesses within the audience.

Click on the link to download a free ebook on Business Ambition.

You can watch the playback of the discussion by clicking on the image below:

NB. There are some issues with viewing this video internationally. We are working on this.