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  • BambooCup and SlideCup rated Best in Show at Autumn Fair

    BambooCup Best at Autumn Fair Long standing Blue Eyed Sun customer, Richard Cartwright, was so impressed with our BambooCup and SlideCup ranges that, after seeing all of the numerous competitors in the marketplace at Autumn Fair, he returned to our stand to tell us that ours were the Best in Show and placed a large order for them.

    It's not the first time we've heard this from customers and it's always a pleasure to have retailers reaffirm what we believe: that our gorgeous selection of on trend BambooCups with our patented bamboo lids are the best on the market. There are a lot of competitors flooding in as the rise of the green economy gains pace, so it's  lovely to be reminded that BambooCup is rated so highly by experienced retailers who recognise good products.

    Richard very kindly agreed to allow us to video him repeating his very kind words on camera and we are very proud to share this short video on our blog with you here. If you feel the same, please tell us. We never tire of hearing it and love spreading the word.

    Watch the video by clicking on the image below or click here to see it on Twitter.

  • Blue Eyed Sun launch Deluxe Bamboo SlideCup by chic.mic

    Bamboo Deluxe SlideCupDeluxe Bamboo SlideCup by chic.mic are beautifully made from sustainable bamboo fibre on the outside and stainless steel on the inside. They feature a sexy sliding lid designed by Karen Rashid which prevents the liquid inside from spilling out. They are sized 200mm x 50mm and hold up to 400ml or 13.5 oz of liquids. There are six on-trend designs available in the collection.

    With the growing trend to fight single use plastics, more and more people are buying reusable coffee cups to stop the mindless waste of 2.5 billion single use, plastic lined coffee cups going to landfill in the UK and Ireland each year.

    Our Deluxe Bamboo SlideCup and BambooCup products are THE alternative to single use waste.

    Take advantage of this growing trend with these lovely deluxe bamboo cups. Available to order now.

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